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16 Jan Injections for Back Pain Relief

Anyone who is suffering from severe or chronic back pain has experienced how limiting it can be. Back conditions can affect your entire life, making even the most basic activities challenging.   Did you know major relief can come from a simple shot? Here are various...

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16 Nov Lower Back Pain and Causes

Lower back pain is one of the most common, chronic pain complaints. The lower back is more prone to pain than the upper back because it carries the entire weight of the upper back. Causes of Lower Back Pain Wear and Tear Spongy pieces of cartilage...

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13 Sep What causes Chronic Neck pain?

Neck pain that persists more than three months is considered chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain can be the result of problems in the cervical spine discs or facet joints. Chronic neck pain can be caused due to – Cervical herniated disc An intervertebral disc in the...

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