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18 Apr Pain Management 101

What is the difference between acute and chronic pain? Acute pain lasts a short, limited duration and it is often the result of an injury, surgery or medical illness. This type of pain would go away as the injury heals. Chronic pain, on the other hand,...

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20 Mar 4 Types of Primary Headaches

Almost everyone has experienced a headache. It has been found that some chemical activity in your brain and nerves or blood vessels and muscles in your head and neck, or some combination of all these creates pain signals that feel like a headache. Some headaches...

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16 Jan Injections for Back Pain Relief

Anyone who is suffering from severe or chronic back pain has experienced how limiting it can be. Back conditions can affect your entire life, making even the most basic activities challenging.   Did you know major relief can come from a simple shot? Here are various...

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