Nerve Blocks can relieve your Chronic Pain

23 May Nerve Blocks can relieve your Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, and you’ve looked for answers online, you might have heard of nerve blocks as effective pain relief treatments.

A nerve block is a pain management technique, one of many minimally invasive interventional pain management procedures. Nerve blocks can be different types, depending on the location and intensity of pain.

If you have been suffering from pain for over three months, it may be a case of chronic pain. Nerve blocks can help you lead a normal, pain-free life.

Nerve Blocks

A nerve block, as the name suggests, blocks pain signals from nerves. It is effective in cases where the patient’s only option may be to simply manage the pain and no cure is available. For example, chronic pain caused due to an autoimmune disease, arthritis, or a nerve related source.

Pain management specialists, or pain doctors as they are often called, at the best pain management clinics, such as Desert Interventional Spine Consultants, offer nerve blocks as an effective and lasting solution to chronic pain.

A nerve block is usually administered via injection containing anesthetic and/or steroid medication injected near or into the pain causing nerve. Image guidance is used to guide the needle to the exact location of the nerve for better results. Nerve blocks may be administered to the spine, neck, legs, or buttocks.

Diagnostic Nerve Blocks

Diagnostic nerve blocks are used to find out which nerve is sending the pain signals. Once a patient shows sufficient pain relief after one injection, the patient can get additional nerve blocks or other treatments for pain relief.

Sympathetic Plexus Blocks

Sympathetic nerves run along the spine from the neck to the tailbone. When the pain signals are transmitting through these sympathetic nerves, a sympathetic plexus block can be helpful.

Medial Facet Joint Blocks

The name of this type of block is derived from both the medial branch nerves and the facet joint, where the medial branch nerves send pain signals from injured facet joints—located in the neck or back—to the brain. This type of block is common for patients with arthritis in their lower backs.

If you have any questions about interventional pain management in Arizona, call Desert Interventional Spine Consultants (DISC) at 480-838-1914. DISC is committed to providing the highest quality spine care with cutting edge interventional pain treatments and precise diagnostic tests.

DISC takes a personalized approach to understanding dysfunction at its core. Working with each patient’s unique history, diagnostics and lifestyle, pain doctors create individualized treatment plans.

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