4 Biggest Reasons to Seek a Pain Specialist for Chronic Pain Treatment

22 Jul 4 Biggest Reasons to Seek a Pain Specialist for Chronic Pain Treatment

More than 50 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain. But the good news is pain medicine is now a specialty in itself. Modern technology and new treatments have made it possible to treat and manage conditions that were once thought untreatable. Here is why it makes sense to seek a pain specialist if you are suffering from chronic pain.


Unlike other doctors, pain specialists offer solutions to relieve pain in multiple conditions. Regardless of whether your pain is simple or complex, acute or chronic; specialists at the top pain clinics such as East Valley Pain Center, Desert Interventional Spine Consultants (DISC), provide treatments for more than 30 pain conditions.


A single treatment plan is not applied to all patients. Treatment plans are customized based on a patient’s condition, severity, symptoms, general health and medical history. Doctors at the East Valley Pain Center create a comprehensive, tailor made treatment plan for patients to maximize pain relief.


Experienced doctors offer minimally invasive, state of the art procedures which help over 95 percent patients avoid potentially risky surgeries. Since the treatments are least invasive, the recovery is faster and you can go on about your daily life while undergoing treatment at East Valley Pain Center, DISC.


The pain treatments offered at DISC, East Valley Pain Center, and aim to discover and treat the root cause of pain. This approach helps in alleviating pain in the long term by treating the underlying condition.


To discuss your case or to set up a consultation with a pain specialist at East Valley Pain Center, call Desert Interventional Spine Consultants at 480-838-1914.

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